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Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns

Gone are the days of multiple visits and fittings just to get a dental crown. Now, at Belle Meade Family Dental, Dr. Jason Cox utilizes his sophisticated laboratory to create dental crowns in just one day! These crowns have the same natural look, feel and durability as the crowns of the past, they are simply just more convenient. More on dental crowns and how we complete them in the same day below.

When should I consider getting a dental crown?

You should consider a dental crown if you have a tooth that is chipped, cracked, badly decayed, or otherwise weakened.

What are dental crowns?

Porcelain Crowns maintain the aesthetic appearance of teeth by covering the entire visible surface of the tooth, while adding significant reinforcement and protection to the tooth. After removing all areas of decay, your crown will be designed and fabricated in our office while you wait. The entire process takes approximately two hours. Porcelain crowns are extremely natural looking; virtually indistinguishable from other teeth, making them an ideal choice for restoration.

What are the alternatives to dental crowns?

Teeth that are badly decayed may require extraction, leaving bridges or implants as viable alternative treatments.

How are you able to provide me with crowns in just one day?

Also known as CEREC, these types of crowns are prepared with the assistance of computer-aided design and manufacturing. Same day crowns are the same as traditional crowns, but due to the technology utilized, they significantly reduce the time of the procedure. Typical crowns take two weeks to fix, and our same-day crown technology allows us to prepare crown restorations for you within two hours. This type of technology is not utilized at every dental practice.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

  • Less time to install and a faster “get back to your daily routine” process for recovery.
  • Made of high-quality material – same material as traditional crowns, which is durable, long-lasting and comfortable in the mouth.
  • Precise fit – since we use dental technology to create the crown, so it fits perfectly in your mouth, all onsite, your fit should not require adjustments.
  • No yucky tasting molds – since we use technology to create same-day crowns, you won’t need to bite into that nasty putty mix for a mold of your teeth and mouth!
  • Better looking – since we don’t have to send the crown off to be made and have you in the office before administration, we can ensure the color of your crown is as natural looking and closely matched to your tooth color as possible.
  • Keep more of your existing tooth – Same-day crowns don’t require as much drilling and hence, less filing away of your affected tooth.

About Belle Meade Dental

Belle Meade Family Dental serves patients in Flowood, Brandon and the surrounding areas of Rankin County. We offer same-day crowns, cosmetic and restorative procedures, cleaning and prevention services, dental implants, tooth extraction and facial aesthetic services. At Belle Meade Family Dental, we aim to provide the ultimate patient experience with the highest level of quality care.

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